Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Removal

Snow Removal in Alaska

Girdwood, Alaska

2006. Girdwood, Alaska may have been one of our favorite towns in Alaska. Maybe because it was close enough to things, had an industry we could get jobs in, and was just plain old down to earth. We loved the food, the scenery, and the people.

Fun Home In Gridwood, Alaska

Alyeska Resort

Yummy Beers

2006. Alaska - Epluche-Culotte, Belgian Ale & The Immortal, IPA!

Alyeska Resort - Alaska

2006. The Alyeska Resort in Alaska. The view from the room, the room, and the lobby.

Grounds For Hope

2006, Alaska. They love coffee in Alaska. Every where we went we found these fun coffee stops.


The colors were "popping"


2006. The Gateway To Prince William Sound, Whitter, Alaska.

Alaskan Amber Beer

2006. Alaska. Catch of the day!

Kodiak Island Brewing Co. - Alaska

2006. Kodiak Island Brewing Co. - Growlers, "Beers To Go", and the Brewer and I. Good times!

Alaskan Crabbing :)

2006, Kodiak Alaska - The Deadliest Catch!
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