Saturday, November 25, 2006

Seward-Exit Glacier-Wendita


Seward-Exit Glacier-Washout Jeffito

09.22.06. Something about working around hundreds of thousands of people makes me appreciate this!

Seward-Exit Glacier-Washout 2


Seward-Exit Glacier-Washout

09.22.06. Look at the washout...

Seward-Exit Glacier-Jeffito

09.22.06. It was "cool" to be here :)

Seward-Exit Glacier-Lots-O-Ice

09.22.06. This moves at a rate of two inches a day.

Seward-Exit Glacier-Wendy & Jeff


Seward-Exit Glacier

09.12.06. Kenai Fjords National Park - Exit Glacier.

Seward- Mount Marathon Trail

09.?.06 (maybe Sept 12th, not sure...) In the morning we had a great view of Marathon Mountain. This is a tough hike to the top of a 3000 foot mt. 3000 feet from sea level, pretty amazing how big these things are when next to sea level!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sockeye Red IPA

09.20.06. After hiking all day, ummm beer ;)

Seward Store Front

09.20.06. Seward.

Seward Church

09.20.06. Seward.

Seward Home

09.20.06. I loved the homes in Seward.

Seward Salmon

09.20.06. Even though halibut was king, the salmon in Alaska was still awesome :)

Seward Halibut

09.20.06. This 97 pound halibut will feed a family for the whole winter, with giving some of the meat away! While in Alaska, I had fried halibut, blackened halibut, halibut tacos, halibut pieces. I learned that halibut was more popular than salmon.

Seward Harbor

09.20.06. The Seward Harbor, a community which survives on fishing.

Seward Art

09.20.06. Some local art.

Seward-Home Of The Iditarod

09.20.06. The Iditarod starts in Seward and goes over 1000 miles.

Jeffito In Seward

09.20.06. This picture was in Seward in front of our hotel.

Welcome to Seward

09.20.06. We spent three days in Seward.


09.19.06. 1st free floating iceberg we saw :)

Salmon Eggs

09.19.06. The water was clear enough to see the eggs.


09.19.06. We saw countless salmon at the run of their run.
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