Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Colors

09.10.06. Denali.

Horse Shoe 2

09.11.06. Denali, Horse Show trail. Great views...

Horse Shoe

09.11.06. At the bottom of our hike...

Denali and Jeffito

09.11.06. Denali.


09.10.06. Our 1st cabin in Alaska! Pretty plush for a cabin, not shower, but heat and a WC...

Alaskan ESB & PALE

09.10.06. After a day of driving, we were at Denali National Park. Two new beers for us :)

Along The Road 4


Along The Road 3


Along The Road 2


Along The Road

09.10.06. Along the road to Denali, everything was beautiful and peaceful. As we traveled in the shoulder season, it seemed as if we were the only people in Alaska.


09.10.06. Denali, or the BIG ONE, as it is known :) This was our first sighting of the mountain at the North View of Denali State Park. This location is 100+ miles away from the mountain!

Everything Big And Wild

09.10.06. Denali State Park, south view. Everything in Alaska is BIG and WILD. I loved it!

Coffee Coffee Coffee

09.10.06. Everywhere in Alaska sells coffee. Especially from these little roadside stands. Pretty fun, eh?

Flowers Still In Bloom

9.10.06. Anchorage, Alaska. The flowers where still bin bloom even with weather ranging from the low 50's to high 30's...

Alaska Air

09.07.06. First time on this carrier and it was great!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mount Rainier 2

09.07.09. Great view of Mount Rainier from our first class tickets :)

Mount Rainier

09.07.09. On our way to Alaska, we had a great view of Mount Rainer. My cousin Keith was hiking it that same week. Hey dude!
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