Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kodiak Harbor

Sept. 2006. Kodiak's harbor. The brewery is right across the street. Lucky us!

Horse In The Road

Sept. 2006, Kodiak, Alaska. While driving back from a hike we came across a couple of horses on the road. At this time of year, it felt we had all of Alaska to ourselves.


Sept. 2006, Kodiak, Alaska. Mossy trees.


Sept. 2006, Kodiak. On our hike we came across some deer. If you look closely, you'll see two in this picture.

Old Women Trail - Kodiak Island Alaska

Great hike :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Old Woman Trail - Kodiak

Sept. 2006. Wendy & I hiked Old Woman Trail in Kodiak. They call it Old Woman Trail because back in the day, the old women hiked up here to die.

Wendy & Hitch Hiker

Sept. 2006, Kodiak. Wendy & I gave a lift to this man (80+ years old) who was traveling in Kodiak. A safe hitch hiker.

Powerful Camera

Sept. 2006. On board the Alaskan Marine Highway we ran into these two guys who claimed (and I believe them) that they have the most powerful camera in the world. If I have time, I'll look for the business card with his web site, pretty cool thing he created.

Wendy On Board

Sept. 2006. A little chilly.

On Board - View

Sept. 2006. On board the Alaskan Marie Highway we saw miles and miles of beautiful views.

Ghost Ship

Sept. 2006 . The Alaskan Marine Highway is like a Ghost Ship in September! It holds over 700 people, but on our two legs, it had only 30 some people aboard. Kinda cool.

Leaving Homer

Sept. 2006


Sept. 2006. Off to Kodiak.


Sept. 2006. Heading toward Kodiak.

Alaskan Marine Highway - View From Ship

Sept. 2006. Who needs a cruise when you travel via the Alaskan Marine Highway? We had a state room, movie theater, restaurant, and bar all on board. It took about 12 hours to get to Kodiak from Homer and about 20 hours to go from Kodiak to Witter. However, the view were awesome.

Alaskan Marine Highway - Ship

Sept. 2006, Homer. Wendy and I boarded the Alaskan Marine Highway in Homer to get to Kodiak. At this time of year, we had the whole ship almost to ourselves.

Surfing In Alaska

Sept. 2006, Homer. Two guys surfing!

Living In A Bus

Sept. 2006 -Homer.
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